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KA-Sped GmbH
Am Kuhzaun 1
28844 Weyhe

Tel.: 04203 / 4403 -0
Fax: 04203 / 4403 -29

We and our partner

In order to provide an optimum service we have teamed up with reliable partners.

Our biggest partner is one of the most well-known heavy-load transportation companies in Europe. Its fleet consists of over 100 vehicles and has a wide range of trailer combination options. This means we can ensure that within a short period of time all required permits, along with a suitable vehicle including trailer, is organised to carry out your transportation even if it exceeds our own standard operating permit (valid for loads of 3.49 metres and height of 4.35 metres that is within 48 tonnes for the packaged unit).

To achieve the optimum economic solution, we can choose from an extensive range of special vehicles: extendable trailers, mega trailers, road trains, vessel decks, flatbed and semi-low loader trailers.
This fleet allows us to transport freight to a maximum of 600 tonnes.

Our modern communication facilities allow us to give you an update on your transportation at any time. In addition, this system is supported by a satellite navigation system, which gives us the ability to tell you exactly where the vehicle is at any moment.

Together with our partners we offer a smooth operation right from the planning to the execution and surveillance of the transport.

We only offer the best service available to you.