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KA-Sped GmbH
Am Kuhzaun 1
28844 Weyhe

Tel.: 04203 / 4403 -0
Fax: 04203 / 4403 -29

Welcome to the KA-Sped GmbH website!

Established in 2002, the company provides transportation for a range of heavy goods with a maximum packaging weight of 600 tonnes.
Our many years of experience in the area of heavy goods transportation have resulted in an optimal service.

We specialise in the transportation of any type of new or used construction machinery of various sizes and weights within Germany, Europe and throughout the world.

Large, well-known producers and retailers of construction machinery already put their trust in our service. In addition, we are the preferred choice for many clients when it comes to carrying out logistics for their projects.

We also provide logistics, consultancy and particular services (i.e. special transportation, customs information, preparation of customs papers), freight forwarding, part or fully loaded containers, logistics procurement, project logistics; all of which are easily conducted by us.

Extremely urgent or difficult transportation tasks are carried out quickly and reliably. Any necessary permits can be obtained by us within a few days if the freight is not already covered by our own operating permit, which is valid for most main routes for a maximum width of 3.49 metres and height of 4.35 metres that is within 48 tonnes for the packaged unit.

Just give us a call and tell us your requirements. As soon as you have put the phone down, you can consider that your transport is as good as organised. We will of course keep a close check on your required timetable and keep you informed of the progress.

So why not try out our service today !!!

We are certain that we will have sparked an interest in you!

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